At the end of the second bridge 408 meters long you can reach the third bridge with the via ferrata of the Bunkers. An easy trail suitable for adults and children that ends with the crossing of a tunnel leading back to the path of access to the third bridge.

The access to via ferrata is included in the ticket for the tour of the bridges.

The climbing time of the via ferrata is about 1h.

foto ferrata



Rocca Clarì

A very demanding via ferrata adjacent to the Tibetan Bridge, both because it requires a lot of physical effort (more than 500 meters of difference), and because it is very aerial. Return on the path up to the Coche, then dirt road to Claviere. Total time: 3-5 hours. If you are curious to experience the thrill of the high mountains, and you have the right preparation, but you don’t have the material to deal with it safely, we will be happy to rent it to you at the reception of the Tibetan Bridge and give you more information on this fascinating via ferrata!


Sacra of San Michele

Very long via ferrata, passable in all seasons, at the entrance of the Val di Susa. From Sant’Ambrogio it climbs 600 meters to reach the Mount Pirchiriano, where stands the Sacra of San Michele. It does not present many difficulties except for the length (you always see the Abbey from below but never seems to arrive!). From the top you have a unique view of Turin and the Piedmont mountains. Descent on a path. Total time: 5-6 hours


Orrido of Foresto

Short but beautiful via ferrata near Bussoleno. The route is entirely in a very narrow gorge: waterfalls and natural pools are passed by, where in the summer, if you are very hot and sweaty, you can swim. Downhill is covering 200 vertical meters on a scenic path in the homonymous nature reserve, where you can observe the juniper, which usually grows in maritime areas. Total time: 2-3 hours. Note: it is strongly advised not to try the route in case of floods or when the stream has a large water flow during rainy periods.